Teladoc Health Launches Teladoc Medical Experts for Complex Physical and Mental Health Conditions

New solution combines physician-led, integrated expert medical services with the only independent, data-driven community physician matching service

PURCHASE, N.Y. October 25, 2019 – Teladoc Health (NYSE: TDOC), the global leader in virtual care, announces the U.S. launch of Teladoc Medical Experts, the first-of-its-kind, broad-based virtual center of excellence for individuals dealing with a wide range of complex and/or costly mental and physical medical needs. With this unique service, a state-licensed doctor works directly with individuals, regardless of their geographic location, to get timely answers regarding accurate diagnoses and treatment plans advice, as well as to navigate seamlessly across the virtual and in-person healthcare landscape. Teladoc Medical Experts is currently available for more than 100,000 members across the U.S.

“Given that nearly one in three adults with medical conditions also have a mental health condition, it is important to approach care holistically,” said Lew Levy, MD, chief medical officer, Teladoc Health. “With Teladoc Medical Experts, right from the start we connect our members with a doctor who helps them navigate both the virtual and in-person options, leading them to trusted answers, quickly.”

In addition to the clear benefits for members, Teladoc Medical Experts also aligns with employer healthcare benefits priorities. According to the National Business Group on Health’s® most recent Large Employer Health Care Strategy and Plan Design Survey, employers cite a focus on controlling high-cost claims, enhancing navigation and centralized engagement amongst their top healthcare initiatives for 2020. With 51% of large employers citing expansion of virtual care solutions as their top healthcare initiative for next year, the Teladoc Medical Experts service addresses all these priorities with a single access point.

“Regardless of their medical conditions, patients should expect access to the highest quality care on their terms,” explained David Sides, chief operating officer, Teladoc Health. “We have seen consumers increasingly grappling with the challenges of how to get critical answers for complex physical and mental conditions. Now, with the launch of Teladoc Medical Experts, our clients can alleviate that burden for members and provide access to a broad range of expert medical services that fits seamlessly into one single, integrated, comprehensive virtual care solution.”

Redefining Excellence

Combining Teladoc Health’s market leading technology, consumer experience and clinical expertise with the trusted Teladoc brand, Teladoc Medical Experts uniquely serves as a broad-based virtual center of excellence. Individuals receive timely medical decision support from world-leading experts in more than 450 sub-specialties, while benefiting from a streamlined experience and physician engagement right from the start.

Additionally, when members need a referral for a community physician, the embedded Find a Doctor service leverages Teladoc Health’s proprietary, analytics-driven physician database to make smart referrals into preferred health plan and center of excellence networks. Find a Doctor is the only personalized doctor recommendation service that matches members with expert clinicians using a sophisticated algorithm, comprehensive data, and independent ratings and rankings to assure the best match for patient satisfaction and outcomes.

About Teladoc Health

A mission-driven organization, Teladoc Health, Inc. is successfully transforming how people access and experience healthcare, with a focus on high quality, lower costs, and improved outcomes around the world. The company’s award-winning, integrated clinical solutions are inclusive of telehealth, expert medical services, AI and analytics, and licensable platform services. With more than 2,000 employees, the organization delivers care in 130 countries and in more than 30 languages, partnering with employers, hospitals and health systems, and insurers to transform care delivery. For more information, please visit or follow @TeladocHealth on Twitter.

SOURCE: Teladoc Health