Next Gen Remote Patient Monitoring: Healthcare Mobile Solutions

PLANO, TEXAS— February 5, 2019—Vivify Health, the developer of the nation’s leading connected care platform for holistic patient care and engagement, is pleased to announce the release of a new generation of its mobile solution. Extending on Vivify’s existing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mobile app, Pathways +Go takes a significant leap forward in the industry with the addition of intelligent logic to customize clinical algorithms from real-time and historic patient data. Key Vivify +Go features include:

  • Real-Time Notifications and Secure Messaging
  • Ad Hoc Multi-Person Virtual Visits
  • Health Content Resource Library
  • Monitoring via Bluetooth Biometric Devices
  • Patient Self-Trending and Condition Management

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is an increasingly valuable tool for clinicians seeking to manage a wide range of high- and moderate-risk patient populations. Vivify’s leadership in RPM is reflected in the new Pathways +Go capabilities, which enables clinicians to monitor patients who input health information from their own smart devices. The new technology includes many of the features previously available only in Vivify’s popular Pathways +Home (Kit) solution.

For clinicians, not only does Pathways +Go aid in population management for patients with the most common and costly chronic illnesses such as congestive heart failure, COPD and diabetes, it also allows the utilization of Vivify’s connected care platform to address lower-risk patient populations. The platform brings new customizable clinical algorithms to guide patients to better self-manage their conditions, enabling much higher patient-to-nurse ratios, reducing population health costs and increasing patient satisfaction and outcomes.

“Vivify Pathways +Go is the culmination of our nine years leading the industry with patented digital health innovations. These new BYOD capabilities bring the best of RPM, Telemedicine, Biometric Data Collection, Care Pathways, Patient Education, Engagement and Wellness all under one single platform, delivered anywhere and on any device,” said Eric Rock, CEO, and Founder of Vivify Health.  “We are thankful that our fast-growing customers have pushed us to do more. By helping to create scalable, continuous and seamless care anywhere, we will improve outcomes and help patients live healthier lives.”


About Vivify Health

Vivify Health is the innovative leader in connected healthcare delivery solutions. The company’s mobile, cloud-based platform powers holistic remote care management through personalized care plans, biometric data monitoring, multi-channel patient education and functionality configured to each patient’s unique needs. Vivify Health serves the nation’s largest and most progressive health systems, healthcare organizations and employers—empowering clinicians to proactively manage the complexities of remote care and catalyzing employee health and productivity with a single-platform solution for all device and digital health data. The comprehensive, content-rich platform and turnkey workflow services enable providers to intuitively scale and maximize value across populations. For more information about Vivify Health, visit Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. Visit our Company Blog to access case studies, thought leadership, and news.

SOURCE: Vivify Health