New KLAS Report Reveals Vivify Health’s Platform as Most Discussed Remote Patient Monitoring Solution by Healthcare Providers

Connected Health Leader Shines in Several Areas According to Independent, Third-Party Report

PLANO, TEXAS – October 2, 2018 – Vivify Health, an innovative leader in connected healthcare delivery solutions, announced today that a recent report by KLAS has highlighted that Vivify is the most often discussed remote patient monitoring (RPM) vendor by healthcare providers. The report, entitled “Remote Patient Monitoring 2018: High Potential in a Shifting Landscape,” was based on interviews with 25 organizations using seven leading PRM vendor platforms.

“Overall, Vivify Health is the vendor most commonly mentioned by provider organizations in KLAS’ interviews about RPM,” the KLAS report stated. “It is not uncommon for customers of other solutions to either mention Vivify as a vendor they want to know more about or compare the capabilities of their current RPM solution against those of Vivify Health. Organizations that are starting an RPM program and reach out to KLAS for information ask about Vivify more frequently than any other RPM vendor.”

Flexibility in both clinical content and BYOD options was cited more often by Vivify customers than by any other vendor’s clients as a reason for selecting an RPM solution. In fact, Vivify was the only vendor whose customers validated its BYOD option, which allows patients to use their own mobile or desktop devices rather than the hardware included in vendor-provided RPM kits.

Vivify was also praised for its close collaborations with healthcare organizations. According to the KLAS report, “Comments from customers portray Vivify Health as being more of a partner, rather than just a vendor.” One healthcare director stated, for example, “Vivify Health is proactive and receptive. They are constantly engaged with us.”

With regard to Vivify’s customer service, one healthcare executive said, “When I ask for a report, I can blink my eyes, and Vivify Health will have already sent the report to me.”

Customers also cited other advantages of Vivify Health, including the customizability of its care pathways for different conditions. “We chose [Vivify] Pathways because we could customize care plans in the product,” said one client. “Many other products come with templates that can’t be edited.” Another benefit is that educational videos are imbedded in the pathways, another customer noted.

Eric Rock, CEO and founder of Vivify Health, said, “KLAS’s interviews with our customers reinforced what we already knew: We have the most flexible, usable and effective solution in the RPM field, and we have the best customer service. As more and more healthcare organizations use RPM to reduce unplanned care and improve the patient experience, we are confident that the growth of our business will continue to accelerate. Just as importantly, we applaud KLAS for releasing this early report on Remote Patient Monitoring in an effort to encourage the use of this life saving technology for care transitions as a foundational element for value-based care.”

About Vivify Health
Vivify Health, founded in 2009, is the leader in connected care management and patient engagement for better outcomes and ROI. With customers that include some of the nation’s largest and most progressive health systems and employers, Vivify’s mobile, cloud-based platform delivers a pathway to holistic remote care management through personalized care plans, biometric data monitoring, video education and conferencing, and text-to-speech configured to the needs of each patient. Vivify partners with healthcare organizations to empower clinicians to efficiently and proactively manage the complex workflow of remote care for virtually any clinical condition. Beyond simplicity and flexibility, the comprehensive, content-driven platform and turnkey workflow services enable providers to intuitively scale and maximize value across populations. For more information about Vivify Health, visit

SOURCE: Vivify Health