Indiana-based Major Health Partners Chooses MEDITECH Expanse

Major Health Partners (MHP) announced they will extend their 22-year partnership by implementing MEDITECH Expanse.

BOSTON January 19, 2018 | After completing a year-long, detailed assessment of enterprise health record (EHR) solutions available in the marketplace, Major Health Partners (Shelbyville, In.) announced they will extend their 22-year partnership with MEDITECH Expanse. A leading healthcare provider for patients from central and southeastern Indiana since 1924, MHP will look to continue providing high-quality care in tandem with MEDITECH’s state-of-the-art Expanse.

“We are thrilled to strengthen our partnership with MEDITECH and provide our clinicians with a mobile, contemporary Web EHR that embodies true integration,” said MHP CIO Carol Huesman. “Having a solution that enables care teams to access their patient’s information from anywhere in the healthcare continuum positions Major Health Partners to drive healthy outcomes for the communities we serve.”

MHP, who partnered with MEDITECH in 1995 to implement the MAGIC platform, was one of the first hospitals in Indiana to implement a complete EHR for its patients. Repeatedly recognized and awarded for their technological innovations and quality of services, MHP determined that moving forward with MEDITECH Expanse would allow them to be successful in the future, and to continue to provide the highest quality of care.

“While evaluating MEDITECH’s innovative new platform, we were impressed with its ability to meet the needs for both our clinicians and the patients we serve,” said Linda Wessic, CNO at MHP. “Sharing and integrating patient data across the practices, ED, and inpatient environments will have an immense impact on the quality of patient safety, as well as provide valuable time savings for clinicians.”

Making a responsible decision for their organization in terms of both quality and value, while building on a strong, established relationship, was essential to MHP’s decision to move forward into the future alongside MEDITECH.

“We really wanted to make a financially sound decision, without compromising on quality and clinical sophistication,” said MHP CTO Don Barton. “MEDITECH met both of those requirements admirably. We are thrilled to be moving forward with a great partner in MEDITECH.”

About Major Health Partners

Major Health Partners is a leading healthcare provider for patients from not only Shelby County, Indiana, but also from the southeastern part of the state. Since 1924, Major Hospital/Major Health Partners has grown to offer a wide spectrum of services, leading the region in many areas of healthcare delivery. By providing quality care through our unique combination of state-of-the-art technology, modern facilities, and personal service. We give you all of the advantages found at the large urban hospitals, combined with genuine personal service, and that’s the Major Difference.

The next digital transformation of healthcare is underway, and MEDITECH is leading the charge with the only full-scale EHR designed specifically for the post-Meaningful Use era. As a leading EHR vendor for over 45 years, MEDITECH’s solutions have empowered 2,400+ customers across 22 different countries to provide higher quality care, with greater efficiency, to more people, at a lower cost. Today, our cutting-edge solutions are helping organizations to see healthcare through a new lens and navigate this virtual landscape with unparalleled vision and clarity. Whether your destination is clinical efficiency, analytical prowess, or financial success, MEDITECH’s bold innovation, passion, and expertise will get you where you want to go.