Imprivata and Verato Partner to Offer an Integrated Architecture for Patient Identity

Joint solution combines biometric and referential patient matching into single architecture to address the full lifecycle of patient identity

Lexington, Mass.–April 2, 2019—Imprivata®, the healthcare IT security company, and Verato®, the market-leading provider of patient identity matching solutions, today announced a partnership to provide a new approach to solving the challenges of patient identity for the nation’s largest and most complex healthcare organizations. The partnership combines the best of modern patient matching technologies – namely biometric and referential matching – in order to provide customers with unprecedented accuracy.  

The partnership links Imprivata PatientSecure, the leading positive patient identification solution for healthcare, with Verato Universal™ MPI, the next-generation cloud-based master patient index (MPI) solution powered by Verato’s proprietary referential matching technology, to offer a comprehensive solution for patient identification and record matching challenges.

By combining biometric authentication and referential matching, healthcare organizations can securely and accurately match patients to their medical records using a process of in-person identity proofing, advanced record resolution, and authentication. As cited in a 2018 research report by The Pew Charitable Trusts, biometrics and referential matching are two of four cornerstone opportunities to improve patient matching in the exchange of health information.

According to Black Book, an average of 18 percent of a health system’s records are duplicates, meaning almost one in five patients do not have a complete medical record at the point of care. Healthcare organizations must deploy robust patient identity strategies to eliminate these duplicate records, assemble complete care histories, reduce redundant tests and procedures, and enable their patient engagement, patient access, and patient safety agendas. This joint offering directly addresses this problem while simultaneously laying a foundation for interoperability through accurate patient record exchange.

“We’re delighted to be working with Verato, a partner that’s mastered the process of linking a patient to all of their records within and across healthcare organizations,” said Dr. Sean Kelly, Chief Medical Officer at Imprivata. “We can then attach a biometric identifier using Imprivata PatientSecure. Together, we’re solving an interoperability challenge that’s vexed healthcare organizations for decades. We’re delivering an unprecedented combination of accuracy and consistency in patient matching, which is critical for clinicians to treat patients safely based on their complete medical histories.”

“Our customers are asking for a comprehensive solution for managing the end-to-end problem of patient data,” said Mark LaRow, CEO of Verato. “Biometrics capture patient identities wherever the patient appears, and referential matching ensures that all the records are linked to the correct patient. Together, Verato Universal MPI with Imprivata PatientSecure support the full lifecycle of patient identity. This solution will help providers, who are now being challenged to provide near-perfect patient information because of forthcoming regulations by ONC and CMS, support patient-directed access and eliminate “information blocking.” Additionally, there is a need for accurate patient data to feed new initiatives like analytics, telemedicine, precision medicine, social determinants of health, and clinical decision support. All of this tells us that we cannot continue pursuing the same patient matching architectures of the past 20 years. Something new is needed. And that something is the integration of biometrics and referential matching.”

The combined solution from Imprivata and Verato also puts healthcare organizations on a path to comply with forthcoming regulations on interoperability, most recently evidenced in the proposed rules from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC), which reflect a critical shift in the industry towards enabling patient access and reducing information blocking.

About Imprivata
Imprivata®, the healthcare IT security company, provides healthcare organizations globally with a security and identity platform that delivers ubiquitous access, positive identity management, and multifactor authentication. Imprivata enables healthcare securely by establishing trust between people, technology, and information to address critical compliance and security challenges while improving productivity and the patient experience. For more information, please visit

About Verato
Verato enables healthcare organizations to manage, match, and link their patient and member data with unprecedented ease, accuracy, scale, and performance—and at the lowest cost. Verato offers two cloud-based services: the Verato Universal™ MPI, a HITRUST-certified SaaS solution that represents the new best-in-class EMPI, and Verato Auto-Steward™, a powerful plug-in for EHR and EMPI systems that automatically finds and resolves their duplicate records. Both services use smart Referential Matching technology to match and link patient and member data with the highest accuracy rates in the industry. Verato is based in McLean, VA. To learn more, visit

SOURCE: Imprivata