Digital Turbine and Bango Partner to Boost Payment Options for App Developers

AUSTIN, Texas and CAMBRIDGE, England, Dec. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Digital Turbine, Inc. (Nasdaq: APPS), the leading independent mobile growth & monetization platform, and Bango plc (AIM: BGO), the global platform for data-driven commerce, today announced a strategic partnership to offer app developers more secure payment options for their end users. The multiyear, global agreement commercially launches in the first quarter of 2022.

“We are excited to work with Bango, a global leader in online payments whose clients include the world’s largest merchants such as Amazon, Spotify and Microsoft. This partnership will drive better user experiences and greater revenue opportunities for all our partners. By integrating with the Bango payment platform, we open up in-app payments through direct carrier billing and unlock new revenue streams for mobile carriers,” said Matt Tubergen, EVP Global Partnerships at Digital Turbine. “The partnership also presents several synergies through our recently acquired Fyber and AdColony businesses that collectively support over 50,000 app developers for ad monetization. With this partnership these developers can now access direct carrier billing for in-app payments, along with Digital Turbine’s direct-to-device distribution network.”

“As Bango merchants look for better ways to reach more customers, this partnership with Digital Turbine opens new doors” said Paul Larbey, Bango CEO. “Adding Bango Payments to the Ignite On-Device Platform provides a compelling way for digital merchants, carriers and OEM partners to collaborate, so that apps can be merchandised and monetized directly with consumers. In addition to expanding distribution and payment options, Digital Turbine’s network of 50,000 app developers can benefit from Bango’s purchase behavior targeting technology to convert more of their ad spend into paying consumers”.

About Ignite On-Device Platform
Integrated into more than 750 million devices, Ignite is the leading On-Device platform trusted by 40 operators and OEMs around the world. The platform enables engaging app and content discovery experiences that take the unnecessary swipes, taps and friction out of how mobile subscribers use their devices to discover new apps, news, sports, entertainment, games and more. By offering a customizable one-stop solution, operators and OEMs save precious time and resources.

About Bango
The world’s largest online merchants, including Amazon and Microsoft, use Bango technology to acquire more paying users.

Bango has developed unique purchase behavior technology that enables millions more users to buy the products and services they want, using innovative methods of payment including carrier billing, digital wallets and subscription bundling. Bango harnesses this purchase activity into valuable marketing segments, called Bango Audiences. Merchants use these audiences to target their marketing at paying customers based on their purchase behavior. Better targeting increases end user spending, in turn generating more payment data insights, creating a powerful virtuous circle that drives continuous growth. Everyone connected to the Bango Platform thrives as the virtuous circle grows. For more information, visit

About Digital Turbine
Digital Turbine is the leading independent mobile growth platform and levels up the landscape for advertisers, publishers, carriers and OEMs. By integrating a full ad stack with proprietary technology built into devices by wireless operators and OEMs, Digital Turbine supercharges advertising and monetization. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices globally. For additional information visit

SOURCE Digital Turbine, Inc.