BorgWarner Secures Two Additional High-Voltage Coolant Heater Technology Wins

  • High-Voltage Coolant Heater (HVCH) enables improved battery performance, longer range, faster charging speed and comfortable cabin climate
  • The cost-effective solution features a compact and modular design, high thermal power density and fast response time
  • Addresses 800V vehicles

Auburn Hill, Michigan, August 3, 2022 – BorgWarner, a global leader in delivering innovative and sustainable mobility solutions for the vehicle market, has been awarded business with one global automaker and one Chinese automaker to provide its advanced High-Voltage Coolant Heater (HVCH) technology for their new electric vehicle models. BorgWarner’s 800V HVCH, which complements the existing 400V coolant heater, features enhanced electronics and a reliable design, laying a solid foundation for its business growth in the future.

“We are honored to supply our innovative heater technology to these two major automakers, further supporting our commitment to meeting the latest clean mobility trends,” said Joe Fadool, President and General Manager, BorgWarner Emissions, Thermal and Turbo Systems. “BorgWarner’s extensive range of advanced battery and cabin heater systems are widely recognized by global OEMs for their exceptional efficiency and performance. For example, these systems help improve the vehicle’s battery-operated range by keeping the battery temperature at an optimal level while also increasing passenger comfort by delivering an ideal interior climate.”

BorgWarner’s coolant heaters feature a compact modular design with reduced packaging size and weight. By offering consistent temperature distribution inside the battery pack and its cells, these heaters can be used for improving battery energy performance in EVs and HEVs. In addition, they allow comfortable cabin temperatures to be generated in a short amount of time enabling a better driving and passenger experience. With high thermal power density and a fast response time due to their low thermal mass, these heaters also extend pure electric driving range as they use less power from the battery.

The HVCH uses the latest thick film element (TFE) technology, which delivers great flexibility in terms of dimension and size of the heating elements. Developed to meet demand for high-performance systems that quickly generate heat, these HVCH heating elements are immersed in coolant for efficient heat transfer. Suitable for applications with supply voltages between 250 and 800 volts, the HVCH offers a power range of 3 to 10 kW.

The new electric vehicle models equipped with BorgWarner’s 800V and 400V HVCH are scheduled to start production by the end of 2023 and early 2024, respectively.

SOURCE: BorgWarner